Sabrina (1954)
...the chauffeur's daughter who learned her stuff in Paris
poster Sabrina
Evaluation TMDb :
7.6/10 (880 votes)

Pays :Etats-Unis, 1hr 53min

Langues :Anglais, Français

Genre(s) :Comédie, Drame, Romantique

Réalisateur(s) :Billy Wilder

Codec vidéo :Unknown

Numéro : 158

Synopsis :
Linus and David Larrabee are the two sons of a very wealthy family. Linus is all work – busily running the family corporate empire, he has no time for a wife and family. David is all play – technically he is employed by the family business, but never shows up for work, spends all his time entertaining, and has been married and divorced three times. Meanwhile, Sabrina Fairchild is the young, shy, and awkward daughter of the household chauffeur, who goes away to Paris for two years, and returns to capture David's attention, while falling in love with Linus.

Distribution :

photo Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn Sabrina Fairchild
photo William Holden
William Holden David Larrabee
photo Humphrey Bogart
Humphrey Bogart Linus Larrabee
photo Walter Hampden
Walter Hampden Oliver Larrabee
photo John Williams
John Williams Thomas Fairchild

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