Un grand amour de Beethoven (1936)
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Evaluation IMDb :
6.9/10 (250 votes)

Autre titre :The Life and Loves of Beethoven

Pays :France, 1hr 56min

Langues :Français

Genre(s) :Drame, Concert, Biographie

Réalisateur(s) :Abel Gance

Codec vidéo :Unknown

Numéro : 246

Synopsis :
1801, in Vienna, two young women, his pupils, are in love with him. Thérèse de Brunswick's love remains unrequited even though she and Beethoven are engaged for years; Juliette Guicciardi, whom Beethoven loves but who marries a count, regrets that decision, but by then he and Thérèse are engaged. When Beethoven loses Juliette, he moves to the mill at Heiligenstadt; realizing he's becoming deaf, profound depression sets in. He rejects suicide, holding on to remembered sound and to his work, a dedication assisted by Thérèse and others. In later years, we see his devotion to an ungrateful and thieving nephew, his poverty, the isolation of deafness, and the love of friends.

Distribution :

photo Harry Baur
Harry Baur Ludwig van Beethoven
photo Annie Ducaux
Annie Ducaux Thérèse de Brunswick
photo Jany Holt
Jany Holt Juliette Guicciardi
photo Jean-Louis Barrault
Jean-Louis Barrault Karl van Beethoven
photo Jean Debucourt
Jean Debucourt Le comte Robert Gallenberg (as Debucourt de la Comédie Française)
photo André Nox
André Nox Humpholz
photo Gaston Dubosc
Gaston Dubosc Anton Schindler
photo Jean Pâqui
Jean Pâqui Pierrot
photo Jane Marken
Jane Marken Esther Frechet - la cuisinière (as Marken)
photo Marcel Dalio
Marcel Dalio L'éditeur Steiner (as Dalio)

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