Galileo (1975)
poster Galileo
Evaluation TMDb :
5.9/10 (7 votes)

Pays :Royaume-Uni, 2hr 25min

Langues :Anglais

Genre(s) :Drame

Réalisateur(s) :Joseph Losey

Codec vidéo :Unknown

Numéro : 25

Synopsis :
Challenged by a new student, tutor and theorist Galileo co-opts emerging telescope technology and discovers irrefutable proof of the heretical notion that the earth is not the center of the universe. But in a rigid society ruled by an uneasy alliance of aristocracy and clergy already undermined by the Plague and the Reformation, science is a threat and enlightenment is a luxury. Faced with either death at the hands of the Inquisition or recantation to a hypocritical but all-powerful Papacy, Galileo must choose between his own life and the restless scientific curiosity that he has spurned family, friends, and wealth to pursue.

Distribution :

photo Chaim Topol
Chaim Topol Galileo Galilei
photo Edward Fox
Edward Fox Cardinal Inquisitor
photo Colin Blakely
Colin Blakely Priuli
photo Georgia Brown
Georgia Brown Ballad Singer's Wife
photo Clive Revill
Clive Revill Ballad Singer

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