Tokyo Story - Voyage à Tokyo (1953)
As long as life goes on, relationships between parents and children will bring boundless joy and endless grief.
poster Tokyo Story - Voyage à Tokyo
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8.3/10 (655 votes)

Autre titre :東京物語 (Titre original)

Pays :Japon, 2hr 17min

Langues :Anglais, Japonais

Genre(s) :Drame

Réalisateur(s) :Yasujirō Ozu

Codec vidéo :Unknown

Numéro : 480

Synopsis :
The elderly Shukishi and his wife, Tomi, take the long journey from their small seaside village to visit their adult children in Tokyo. Their elder son, Koichi, a doctor, and their daughter, Shige, a hairdresser, don't have much time to spend with their aged parents, and so it falls to Noriko, the widow of their younger son who was killed in the war, to keep her in-laws company.

Distribution :

photo Chishū Ryū
Chishū Ryū Shukishi Hirayama
photo Chieko Higashiyama
Chieko Higashiyama Tomi Hirayama
photo Setsuko Hara
Setsuko Hara Noriko Hirayama
photo Haruko Sugimura
Haruko Sugimura Shige Kaneko
photo Sō Yamamura
Sō Yamamura Koichi Hirayama
photo Kuniko Miyake
Kuniko Miyake Fumiko Hirayama
photo Kyōko Kagawa
Kyōko Kagawa Kyôko Hirayama
photo Eijirō Tōno
Eijirō Tōno Sanpei Numata
photo Nobuo Nakamura
Nobuo Nakamura Kurazo Kaneko
photo Shirō Ōsaka
Shirō Ōsaka Keiso Hirayama

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