The Passion of Anna (1969)
Man is the king of beasts...
poster The Passion of Anna
Evaluation TMDb :
7.6/10 (104 votes)

Autre titre :En passion (Titre original)

Pays :Suède, 1hr 41min

Langues :Allemand, Suédois

Genre(s) :Drame

Réalisateur(s) :Ingmar Bergman

Codec vidéo :Unknown

Numéro : 66

Synopsis :
Andreas, a man struggling with the recent demise of his marriage and his own emotional isolation, befriends a married couple also in the midst of psychological turmoil. In turn he meets Anna, who is grieving the recent deaths of her husband and son. She appears zealous in her faith and steadfast in her search for truth, but gradually her delusions surface. Andreas and Anna pursue a love affair, but he is unable to overcome his feelings of deep humiliation and remains disconnected. Meanwhile, the island community is victimized by an unknown person committing acts of animal cruelty.

Distribution :

photo Max von Sydow
Max von Sydow Andreas Winkelman
photo Liv Ullmann
Liv Ullmann Anna Fromm
photo Bibi Andersson
Bibi Andersson Eva Vergerus
photo Erland Josephson
Erland Josephson Elis Vergerus
photo Erik Hell
Erik Hell Johan Andersson

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